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Autor/Artista: Mark Cross

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Aprenda as habilidades essenciais para entrar no setor de pós-produção de áudio. Este livro oferece uma ampla cobertura de pós-produção de áudio, incluindo os quatro elementos básicos: diálogo, música, efeitos sonoros e efeitos Foley. Você aprenderá estratégias para trabalhar com compositores, supervisores de música e editores de diálogos e efeitos de som, além de explorar técnicas sobre como editar músicas para ajustar a uma cena, gravar a substituição de diálogos, sugerir efeitos Foley para uma cena e muito mais. Além disso, você aprenderá como se preparar para um mix pré-dub ou temp (para agrupar e sub-mixar faixas em hastes para o dub final), criar o dub final e preparar o mix para distribuição externa e entrega final.

Ao aprender as ferramentas e estratégias utilizadas pelos profissionais que trabalham, você terá a vantagem de participar efetivamente desse ambiente acelerado, além de aplicar essas habilidades a projetos independentes. Inclui prefácio, introdução, posfácio, biografia do autor e índice.

Berklee Press

Sinopse Original:

Learn the essential skills to enter the audio post-production industry. This book offers a broad coverage of audio post production, including the four basic elements: dialogue, music, sound effects, and Foley effects. You will learn strategies for working with composers, music supervisors, and dialogue and sound effect editors, and explore techniques on how to edit songs to fit a scene, record dialogue replacement, cue Foley effects for a scene, as well as many more. In addition, you will learn how to prepare for a pre-dub or temp mix (to group and sub-mix tracks into stems for the final dub), create the final dub, and prepare the mix for foreign distribution and final delivery.

By learning the tools and strategies used by working professionals, you will have an advantage to participate effectively in this fast-paced environment, as well as applying these skills to independent projects. Includes foreword, introduction, afterword, author biography and index.


“Mark Cross has masterfully captured the key learning points and technical aspects of the craft in his book Audio Post Production. The book serves as a comprehensive and valuable tool for both beginners and professionals. I would not only recommend this book to anyone looking to make a career out of audio post production but also to anyone with a passion for audio.” – Frank Morrone, Emmy award-winning re-recording mixer (Lost, The Kennedy's, Cider House Rules)
“Beautifully written and informative. I sure wish I had a book like this when I started out in my career. This is a must for anyone interested in the world of post production.” – Dennis Sands, Oscar-nominated scoring mixer (Finding Nemo, Castaway, Forrest Gump, The Shawshank Redemption)
“Audio Post Production by Mark Cross is a clear, comprehensive, and enjoyable overview of the multi-dimensional world of postproduction audio. For the sound department, there are thousands of hours of teamwork that go on between the time the director yells 'Action!' and the picture rolls on the screen. This book details the role of each segment of that team and will be an excellent primer for anyone interested in one of the many career opportunities behind the scenes of our favorite art form.” – Bruno Coon, award-winning music editor, composer, and producer (Toy Story 3; True Blood; Meet the Fockers; Monsters, Inc.)
“The information contained within these pages is informative and valuable for anyone wishing to work in post-production sound. In this book Mark has detailed a complicated and little known process in simple, easy-to-understand terms. His real world examples show how the mixing process deals with a variety of challenging audio needs.” – Richard Weingart, Emmy award-winning re-recording mixer (Heroes, Crossing Jordan, House M.D., Rescue Me, The Blair Witch Project)